Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Eclipse, Celebrity Cruises

The Gala Brunch Buffet in the Dining Rm

It has been a busy week getting back to work and getting myself back into a routine. My cooking and blogging has suffered for it. This post is all about the cruise ship food. The ship was beautiful, the food was excellent and the beverages (which I may have partook in a bit too much) were creative and beautiful. Where do I even start trying to explain some of the food? I might have to skip some of the more flowery descriptions and just tell you as much about the food as possible.
The main dining room is called Moonlight Sonata served most breakfasts, lunches and all dinners. The breakfasts and lunches were nothing special and not worth talking about. The dinners however where beautiful and delicious. I literally took only a few pictures. (Sad, I know. I’m a terrible blogger!). Fall off the bone lamb shank, fall off the bone Osso Bucco, Sesame encrusted Ahi Tuna, perfectly cooked Beef Tenderloin, Tilapia in Curry Sauce, etc. I can’t even remember everything I ate. 
Dinners are 4 courses; appetizer, soup or salad, entree and dessert. All the courses are creative and fun. I was in heaven. 
The cruise ship also has 5 specialty restaurants; Blu (the healthy place), Qsine (ordinary food done extraordinarily), Murano (beautiful French food), Tuscan Grill (Italian carnivore delight) and Bistro on 5 (Crepes and paninis). The specialty restaurants cost additional money, but they are worth it as the food is cooked for you only. Mom and I tried out Qsine, Murano and Bistro on 5. They are blog posts unto themselves!
I’m posting a few pictures of the food. It’s impossible to describe everything. I highly recommend Celebrity Cruise ships if you love food. 

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