Thursday, December 11, 2014

My Blog is Still Active?

Well, I'll be damned. I didn't realize that this blog was still active. I thought it had disappeared off the face of the internet. It's been 2 years since I posted anything and I have been actively thinking that it's time I started posting again.
So many things have changed in my personal and professional life in 2+ years. It would take a novel to detail all those changes. Let's just say that I am happy, healthy and cooking again. I stopped cooking for a long time. I ordered delivery, got take-out, ate prepared frozen meals. I forgot how to cook. I forgot about my love and passion for cooking. The last 8 months, I've been re-learning how to cook. It has not be a pretty - photo worthy - blog posting - journey. I feel like I started from zero again. I have had a string of absolute disasters. Over-cooked pork chops, steaks, potatoes, vegetables - you name it - I fucked it up. I am the foodie girl who forgot how to cook. Slowly and thru trial and error, cooking has been coming back to me. I still suck, but at least I'm having fun.
One more thing, I live, work and cook here now. You should be jealous.

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