Saturday, October 16, 2010


I dug into the “Happy Days with the Naked Chef” by Jamie Oliver cookbook again and decided today was a perfect day to bake some bread. I love baking bread. I love the entire hands-on process. It’s kinda messy, but it’s really rewarding. 
In the cookbook Jamie gives the “Basic Bread Recipe” and then some yummy breads to try. This morning I decided to make 2 different breads. I made the “Onion Baguettes” and “Banana and Honey Bread”. I have made the “Onion Baguettes” before and loved them. I made 6 baguettes last time and froze 4 of them. All 4 are long gone now and it was time to re-stock. 
This morning I decided to try and be a little healthier and use half white flour and half whole wheat. The whole wheat took an additional cup of liquid and doubled the rising time. Unfortunately, I don’t like the taste as much. Well, I tried to be healthier!
The “Banana and Honey Bread” is absolutely delicious. Sweet, moist and lovely with butter.  Instead of using water, Jamie said to use 6 bananas blended up. And damn if that wasn’t a really cool and tasty thing to do. My bread however, looks nothing like the picture in the book. Weird.
I’m not going to post the recipes here. First, because that’s a lot of typing and I’ve been baking bread people! My hands are tired! If you want to try to bake bread for the first time message me and we’ll talk. I find it’s easier to learn something sometimes if you work with someone in person. 
If you are an expert bread baker and just want the recipe, message me and I’ll send it over. These recipes should be shared. 

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