Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cranberry Ginger Cocktail

This recipe comes from an Ocean Spray coupon book from 2003 that I’ve had in my collection since then. I like this cocktail. It’s refreshing and slightly spicy with the ginger. It works as a good Holiday drink, but I like it in the summer too. Remember: It’s 5pm somewhere!!
Cranberry Ginger Cocktail
1 bottle Ocean Spray Cranberry Cocktail (1.89L)
1 inch fresh ginger, sliced very thinly
3 oranges
3 limes
8oz gin
  1. Microwave on high, 1 cup of cranberry cocktail with the ginger until steaming, about 2 minutes. Cool to room temperature. Strain out ginger and combine liquid with remaining cranberry cocktail. Stir well and transfer to an 8-cup glass pitcher. Chill.
  2. If desired, cut a long narrow strip of peel from one of the oranges to make a garnish. Juice two oranges and two limes. Thinly slice remaining fruit and stir into the cranberry mixture along with the citrus juices and gin.
  3. Serve cocktail over ice in glasses garnished with orange peel spirals and frozen cranberries. Makes 8 servings. Also looks beautiful in a martini glass (if you are a perfectionist you may want to strain the pulp out before you pour into a martini glass)

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