Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Well anonymous-blog-friends, this is my last post for 2 whole weeks. I am, once again, off to see the world.  This time, my mom (partner in travelling adventures) and I, are taking a 13 night transatlantic cruise aboard the "Eclipse" on the Celebrity Cruise line. Mom and I love cruises. Why? Because, we get to go to numerous places and only unpack once. It's also safe for 2 single girls and full of food and wine.
I am taking my laptop with me, but I will not be posting during the cruise (blame the very expensive wifi minutes). When I return, I will post a slew of thoughts, ideas and pictures. I have 2 exciting winery tours booked in Spain and the Azores (Portugal). I plan to buy tons of wine, (if it is good) and suffer the duty tax later and I plan to eat, eat and eat. My camera will be busy taking pictures of beautiful food, beverages and scenery.
This trip takes us first to England where my extended family will be picking us up from Gatwick. My family lives 45 south of Gatwick in the city of Crawly. My cousin owns a pub and pictures will be posted! This is my first time in England (except for a stop-over at Heathrow one time), and I am excited to see some of the country. We pick up the ship on Sunday and will be in Le Havre, France on Monday. I have booked a bus trip to Paris and will have 5 1/2 hours to see as much as I can of Paris. I plan to see croissants, cafe ou lait and the Eiffel Tower and as much shopping as I can cram into this deadline as possible.
The next day, we will be in Cherbourg, France. Then a day at sea followed by Vigo, Spain where I have a winery tour booked. We then get a day at sea, followed by a stop at Porto Delgado in the Azores. I also have a winery tour booked here.
And then.... nothing. 7 days to cross the Atlantic ocean. With nothing to do. Read. Eat. Drink. Relax. Whatever. I am packed and ready to go. I fly out Friday night.
I am stressed out to the max with work and completely exhausted. I am so ready for this trip.

I will however, leave you with this:

"I'd hate to be a teetotaler. Imagine getting up in the morning and knowing that's as good as you're going to feel all day." - Dean Martin

Take care!

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