Sunday, September 12, 2010

Christie Lake Fall Antique Show

Saturday was a super busy day. D and I woke up early and headed off to the Christie Lake Conservation Area Fall Antique Show. The weather was beautiful and we picked up a few fun little things. After wandering around and shopping for about 5 hours, we were exhausted but happy with our purchases and retail therapy. We love going to this Antique Show. They have one in May and September every year. There are hundreds of vendors selling everything from huge furniture to small knic knacs. There is anything and everything there. I love antiques and my house (built circa 1875) is made for showing off antiques. I have found some really great deals at these antique shows but also there are items that are over-priced. I love the thrill of the hunt. Searching and digging for the perfect “something” for the right deal. I’m a bargain hunter through and through. My strategy when I go to these shows is to first figure out what the trendy antiques are this time. At the spring show everyone had granite enamelware for sale and the prices were decent. I picked up 3 teapots and 1 small pot and they were each less than $20.00 each. This fall, there was only a few pieces of granite enamelware and the prices were closer to $50.00 and sometimes higher. This fall I noticed that 1950’s kitchen utensils/cookware were everywhere, but the prices were too high in my opinion. Pyrex dishes for $195.00? Everyone has pyrex dishes! I inherited my dishes from my grandma and had no idea they were worth anything. I use them all the time! Well I didn’t purchase any Pyrex. I did however purchase some old muffin tins and cookie cutters that I plan to hang in the kitchen. I also managed to find a beautiful bright red porcelain coffee percolator with all the original parts inside. I love it and can’t wait to display it somewhere. I just haven’t figured out where yet! 
After the Antique Show D and I went to an apple farm to purchase apples for my jelly making and we also picked up cukes for pickles. (Pickle post to follow). 
The remainder of the day was spent with my family for my brother’s birthday. Phew.. no wonder we all slept in until noon on Sunday!  

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