Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuna Tuesday

Another hellish day at work and by the time I got home my belly was empty and telling me to look for food. Sigh. Why can’t dinner be here and ready for me to eat? Can’t the food just make itself and be waiting for me when I get home? I’m exhausted, there are dishes to do before I can even think about dinner and the dogs are begging for their food and attention. Alright, suck it up princess! Get the dishes done and figure out something to eat already! 
Out of simple laziness I decide on Tuna Salad and crackers. Then I think, Hey wait.. I have Belgium Endive... that would be so much better than boring crackers! 
I get the can of tuna out of the pantry, drain and pop it in a bowl. I grab the (low calorie) mayo and see in the fridge door a jar of capers. Yes! Capers, love it. Hmm.. ok tuna with mayo and capers. What else? Lemon of course! I mix all that salty/lemony/creamy/tuna-y goodness together with some fresh ground pepper and neatly put it into the endive leaves. I sprinkle some parmesan on the whole mess, make her look pretty, try to take a decent picture and then dig in. 
I feel good about myself now for making a delicious healthy dinner and the picture looks ok too. I’m thinking that I could put just about anything in endive. It would make any filling-thing look like a delicate appetizer. Hummus in endive? Salsa in endive? Goat cheese in endive? Shrimp salad in endive? Oh I’m full of ideas now. 
There will be something in endive at the next party. :)

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