Friday, September 10, 2010

Four Weeks of Hell

I probably should have mentioned one very important thing in my first post, which may or may not explain some things. Exactly 4 weeks ago today, I quit smoking. The last 4 weeks have not been easy and I have not felt like myself at all. I have, in actuality shuned all human interaction outside of work. The reason is because I am not easy to get along with right now. You can ask my peeps at work. I am getting annoyed easily and there seems to be no sensor in my brain stopping me from telling people that straight out. Luckily, I work with tough, crabby men who take zero offence to whatever I say to them. But that doesn’t stop some people from taking offence and getting pissed at me. Like, for example, the Architects.. or some of my Team members. Even though they all KNOW that I’m not myself right now, they can’t help but think I’m being bitchy to them personally. So I find myself apologizing more often than I’d like to. I sort of wish that I could hide from everyone until I go back to normal. I am getting back to normal slowly. I have good days and bad. (More like good MINUTES and bad MINUTES). :)
So why am I talking about this? I wanted to say this because part of the reason I started cooking and baking again is because I need to keep myself busy. I cannot sit around and do nothing. I need to keep my hands and mind busy all the time.
When I’m not cooking, I’m either planning the next big meal or cleaning something. Busy work indeed. I have however, found my love of food again. My taste buds have returned and I forgot how much I love Goat Cheese. Man, I love Goat Cheese.
One negative is that I can taste bad things too. This bottle of Pinot Noir from Ridgepoint Wines, 2007 Reserve, is not very good. It’s very acidic and is burning a hole in my stomach. It even smells acidic. I can’t even compare this to anything. It’s awful and I wonder why we bought it. 
Well, time to think about dinner tonight. Boyfriend is coming over in a few hours and I need to keep busy until then. 

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